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Is your tire tread worn out irregularly or much earlier than expected?

Does your car feel unstable when you’re driving?

Would you like to hot up your ride?

Wheels have a huge impact on your driving pleasure and your safety. Misaligned wheels can be caused by running into curbs, accidents, driving over potholes, and from normal driving over time.

When your wheels are misaligned it can wear your tyres out prematurely. Reduce your fuel efficiency. Decrease overall performance. Not to mention it can affect safety - yours and your family’s. Wheel alignment problems can make driving so much more difficult.

So let us help you get back on track.

Get the best deals on wheels, the right wheels, and laser perfect wheel alignment at Pana’s Tyres.

  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • New wheels from big brands
  • Great deals
  • Wide range

Laser accurate wheel alignment

The Germans are known for their obsession with precision. For uncompromised quality. And for sturdy long lasting construction of their products.

Get your wheels aligned with laser sharp accuracy using our German made 3D alignment machine.

It was ridiculously expensive. But we believe it’s well worth every cent - because it means your wheels will be aligned perfectly, saving you from the inconvenience, stress, and expenses that can be caused from misaligned wheels.

Expert tailored advice

We don’t service suspensions. Transmissions. Or engines. Only tyres and wheels.

  • We deal with wheels every day on many different types of vehicles.
  • We’ll help you work out your car’s proper sizing and measurements.
  • We listen to how you use your vehicle.
  • What you want out of it.
  • And how much you have to spend.

Then we’ll help you choose a wheel that will consider factors such as performance, driving conditions, use, looks, and budget.

This in depth personal service is why we’re the go-to when customers need their wheels (and tyres) taken care of.